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Calling secondary English teachers – work with us to make a real difference!

We are looking for teachers who want to have impact – and flexibility

Looking for a change of direction? Or a change of pace?

It’s a time of year for looking ahead, for planning how to move forward, for finding new opportunities. For some, there is a sense that we need a change, but the nature and extent of that change are not always easy to define.

If you are in a position where you want more satisfaction, more flexibility and, for whatever reason, need to spend more time out of the classroom, then we have a proposal that may interest you.

We are building up a team to help us to reach more secondary schools and more students who need the right kind of instruction to catch up in their reading, quickly and completely. Our mission is to eradicate adolescent illiteracy completely.

We are particularly interested in developing a group of trainers who would work with secondary schools to equip them to deliver the Thinking Reading programme. These trainers would be licensed so that, if they wish, they can deliver Thinking Reading to individual students outside of schools.

We are looking for people with excellent interpersonal communication skills, academic aptitude, have an eye for detail and who are very well organised. Our trainers will need to have experience of middle or senior management in secondary school, and should also have experience in delivering English as a subject. You will also be able to travel within your region in order to deliver training (full days in two or three-day blocks during the week).

What you don’t need is experience in helping children with reading problems. We will give you that training, and show you how to deliver the Thinking Reading lesson, which results in average gains of two months in student reading per half hour lesson. We will also give you training in theory and research around the teaching of reading. To qualify for licensing, you would need to be clear on the relevant theory and research, and serve a short internship in a school to demonstrate proficiency in programme delivery.

The training you receive will benefit you in a number of ways:

  1. It will help you to support students with reading problems in your own school more effectively.
  2. It will enable you to tutor individual students who are not yet getting the help that they need at school.
  3. It will provide you with excellent experience in delivering high quality CPD.
  4. It will provide an additional source of income as you will be able to tutor your own students as well as deliver training to staff in secondary schools.

We know that people have different circumstances and priorities. For that reason, we would like to form a focus group to help us work out the details of the package and how it can best meet the needs of trainers and our needs as an organisation.

On our part, we know that it’s important to get the very best people in order to ensure the very best outcomes for students. If you’d like to know more, and perhaps be part of our focus group conversation, please complete this short expression of interest.

Visit our website

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