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A New Channel


This term has been a time of significant development for Thinking Reading. James Murphy (@HoratioSpeaks) joined the team full-time, with a focus on supporting secondary schools to adapt their systems and resources to better target students in need of literacy help. We’ve also begun to scale up, with the support of the Teach First Innovation Unit, increasing the number of regions in which we are working: the North West, Yorkshire and the Humber, West Midlands, East of England, the South-West, the South-East and London. As the number of schools has grown, so has the need for a clear channel of news and information.


We have set up a new Twitter account (@ThinkingReadin1) for this purpose. We would have preferred @ThinkingReading but that was taken some years ago by what now seems like an unused account. We’re hoping that Twitter will be able to release it.


As well as keeping schools and practitioners up-to-date, there will also be a strong focus on research and its application, particularly with respect to the most effective ways to help students in need of literacy support. As always, we expect that these contributions will help to inform the ongoing debates around reading, curriculum and literacy in secondary schools.

Visit our website.

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